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Our Services

Our Services

SCOOBY - Is a mobility solutions provider for cities, and campuses, around Egypt

How To Use Our Application

We know technology can be tricky sometimes, and using modern platforms isn’t that easy either. But for your comfort, we designed our system simple and effortlessly. You don’t have to worry about catching rides. You need a smartphone and a good internet connection. Download the SCOOBY app on your smartphone. Now open the map of your location and search for a scooter on the map. You’ll see many options now. Unlock it by scanning the QR code through your phone. Now step up, remove the kickstand, start the engine and begin the Ride.

Access to Everyone

Our objective is to create cities built for people, not cars, and that includes everyone. We’ve been delivering micro-mobility services across Egypt for a long time, but we’ve seen that not everyone takes advantage of them. Women, the elderly, low-income citizens, and those who live outside of densely populated areas are underserved by this new means of transportation. We wish to improve our service to be more accessible to everyone.


Taking a cab or your vehicle is a very expensive option. And if you’re thinking about public transport like buses or trains, they are always full of people and waste a lot of time. So in that kind of situation, you always need an easily accessible and affordable solution. SCOOBY offers you the best transport vehicles that are not only user friendly but also easily affordable. So don’t wait and give SCOOBY a shot.

Environment Friendly

Cars and other vehicles are dangerous for the environment and cause a lot of noise pollution. To avoid them, In SCOOBY, we present a user-friendly electric scooter based on modern technology, which is more accessible, fast and free from noise.

Your Safety

Being on the road is risky, especially when you see several accidents daily. But one can not just sit in the home because of these fears, but we can avoid hazardous accidents by taking safety measures. Most of the accidents occur due to vehicles’ damage. But don’t worry because our company’s safety is at the centre of all we do. We rent out our scooters with the goal of safety and sharing in mind. We’ve created a slew of safety features in our application to give you the best riding experience.


We can consistently innovate to propel the industry forward because we designed our scooters and the technology that runs them. We’re dedicated to enhancing the experience for councils and riders, whether it’s pushing the boundaries of geolocation or sharing knowledge on what works and what doesn’t.


Our scooters and bikes produce zero carbon emissions, making them better for the environment than many other modes of transportation. We were one of the first companies to use high sustaining battery scooters for efficient operations. Our scooters are a low-cost, energy-efficient choice for reducing traffic congestion.

Rules To Use SCOOBY

AT SCOOBY, our priority is our customers, and for their safety, we set some rules that make them eligible for our rides.

  • The Services are operated solely by you. These Terms are between you and SCOOBY, and you are the only authorised operator of an Our Vehicle hired through your account. You will not let another person utilise the Services or any of our VehicleVehicle obtained by you or through your account, either alone or with you. Without limiting the above, you are solely responsible for adhering to these terms, any breaches thereof, and any harm or responsibility resulting from your and any third party’s use of the Services received via your account.
  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • Before you operate the SCOOBY Vehicle, you will inspect it. You will do a simple safety examination before each use of a SCOOBY Vehicle, which will include checking the operation of the brakes and lights and the appropriate direction of the wheels.
  • You must be an experienced user. You understand how to drive a SCOOBY Vehicle, are physically capable of doing so, and do not have any health or medical concerns that would make utilising a Vehicle dangerous.
  • When there are unsafe conditions, you will not utilise the SCOOBY Vehicle. When the environment is hazardous, you will not operate a vehicle (i.e., weather, road surface, etc.)
  • You will not race, do stunts with, or pull any vehicle, trailer, or trailer with the SCOOBY Vehicle. It can be dangerous not only for your life but also for others On the road.
  • Except for normal wear and tear, you must return the SCOOBY Vehicle in the same condition as when you leased it.

Any collision, damage, bodily injury, traffic infraction, or stolen or lost SCOOBY Vehicle must be reported as quickly as possible.

In Case Of Damage

Damages are your responsibility. You are responsible for all damages, losses, claims, consequences, demands, causes of action, injuries, costs, and liability in connection with your use of our vehicle or the use of Vehicle under your account credentials, including, without limitation, These damages include

  • physical or mechanical damage
  • loss due to theft
  • physical damage resulting from vandalism
  • bodily injury to you or a third party
  • telecommunications,

If you report these issues with the VehicleVehicle on time, we will cooperate with you and save you from any complicated situation.

Fines and Citations

You must follow the laws that apply to you when using our Services. You are solely responsible for any fines, tickets, or other charges incurred due to your use of the Services (e.g., for your violation of parking or traffic rules and regulations, or if you cause a SCOOBY Vehicle to be towed or impounded). It may be required by local authorities in some regions to impose fines for improper usage of our Vehicles, such as incorrect parking or reckless riding conduct. SCOOBY works with all government officials to follow all necessary laws. You agree that we may pay any ticket, citation, fine, or penalty that you owe on your behalf after providing you with reasonable notice

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