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Smart Mobility With Big Savings

Scooby scooters complement existing infrastructure, and provide an alternative way to get from A to B in areas with fewer transport options.

Designed for Modern World

By designing our service to be inclusive, safe, and accessible for all,
we champion a transition away from car-centric mobility towards green, resilient, and multimodal transport.

Turn Miles Into Smiles

A great thing about riding Vois is that you can ride as well as all over and park almost anywhere in the city. But it’s important to remember that the streets belong to everyone. To make things easier, there are special Zones for riding and spots for parking.

Reimagining space

SCOOBY eliminates the need to endlessly search for car parking, which causes traffic on already crowded streets and pollutes the air in the process. One traditional car parking spot can fit 10 scooters, and SCOOBY reimagines these spaces as multi-purpose parklets.

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