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A Micro-Mobility Provider Platform

SCOOBY is a short-distance micro-mobility sharing platform that uses environmentally friendly electric vehicles in Egypt. We presently have standing electric scooters and electric bikes in our fleet. It works with a smartphone app. We provideĀ  scooters and bikes, allowing users to hire a vehicle for their Ride and then deliver it to the nearest safest place.

At SCOOBY, we’re always pushing ourselves to find more holistic ways to assess our progress in tackling urban transportation issues. We’ve spent a long time aligning our expansion with the most important issues confronting cities today and making electric scooters a viable transportation solution. SCOOBY wants to set a new standard as a mobility provider and community partner by demonstrating that micro mobility can be an effective, transparent, and accountable ally in the battle against climate change.

Our Customers

Our most significant consumers are towns and cities. We’re concentrating on forging close ties to make short trips as safe and efficient as possible. We always focus on improving our services according to our users’ demands.

As a result, we are always improving for goods and how we operate them to be the most flexible partner. As an outcome, we decided to develop and produce the best Technology specifically designed for comfortable and safe rides.

We are constantly eager to listen to our customer reviews and learn from them on so many levels. Our first priority is our customer satisfaction. That’s why we try our best to give them exposure to having a fun and safe journey

Our Advantages

Our Vehicles

We are one of the first companies In Egypt to develop modern technology, allowing municipalities to manage better where and how fast our scooters can be used. Our vehicles are well tested and safe for all kinds of rides. We check all brakes, lights and other parts of scooters and bicycles before handing them to you.

We help authorities develop slow zones, no-go zones, and dedicated parking zones that best suit their towns and cities using GPS and geolocation.


First and foremost, don’t panic; once the scooter stops working or loses connectivity, the Ride should automatically end. If it doesn’t, please exit the app and press “Report an issue,” detailing what happened, and our operations team will look into the situation. Please park the scooter appropriately and do not block any public walkways for the safety of others.

Staying alert when riding a scooter will help you avoid accidents. When biking downhill, do it slowly, wear fluorescent clothes at night, and never drink and ride

Yes, you can cancel your Ride anytime by informing us of any issue with the Ride.

If you have trouble finding a scooter, you can track the location using your smartphone

Yes, it’s completely safe. If you know how to ride a bike or scooter, it’s safe and most accessible for your comfortable Ride.

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